Four score and seven years ago….

Wait, it just seems like its been that long.

I was actually born in 1961 in the rolling hills of Guernsey County, Ohio to wonderful parents. Life became a struggle when my father began a battle with brain cancer when I was age 5. He lived until I was 10 but the difficulties were just beginning. My mom was a homemaker and struggled to find work to support us, having to sell off most of our belongings to keep a roof over our heads. Through it all, she taught us to laugh at ourselves and at life.

I became a single mother to a beautiful daughter, Shannon, at age 18. What most would consider to be a rough time, I found to be the most joyous time of my life. I treasured her and every moment with her. Friends thought we were attached at the hip because I took her with me wherever I went. I got married when she was 11 and remained so for 22 years.


This brings me to today. I am an Executive Assistant for City Council, stand-up comic, mother, grandmother to a beautiful 14 year old, dancing queen and groupie to some amazing bands. I have totally reinvented myself in my 50’s. I changed careers, changed my body, losing over 100 pounds, divorced, and began pushing myself to do things outside of my comfort zone, which brings me to stand-up comedy.


I signed up for a workshop with Dave Schwensen in January 2017 and on February 8th we debuted our stand-up routines at the Improv in Cleveland’s West bank of the Flats. I had assumed this would be a one-time thing that I could check off my bucket list, but it seemed like I was kind of good! I actually got the laughs and had great timing! So here I am, starting a website, hitting open mic’s every week and growing my new career! Thank you mom for giving me the gift of laughter and self-deprecating humor. I hope you are able to see me from heaven and laugh at my sets (even the R rated material).

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